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Fantasy and Sci-fi Art Gallery

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Return to the Realm...  
The Realm-of-Fantasy Art Galleries were temporarily closed to submissions for approximately 48 hours.
This downtime was simply to perform some routine group maintenance and restructuring.
Our Submission backlog in que was also processed.

During the next few weeks we will be slightly reworking the submission criteria and guidelines, redesigning our galleries and restaffing our group of moderators.
Some of these changes will include:

We are no longer accepting Literature that has an image for a thumbnail.
As this causes a lot of confusion in the submission processing, and for continuity and esthetic purposes in our galleries.

We are no longer accepting multiple sketches or multiple images or versions in the same submission.
As due to the fact that we are focusing on showcasing a single complete finished work of art for presentation in the groups online galleries.

Expiration Date Past Due...
Also for many of you there has been issues with submissions expiring.
We are addressing the issue, which was an incredibly high volume of incoming submissions during a time where our hard working Group Moderator's capacity was limited.
We will take steps to avoid this issue in the future.
For all of you that have had a submission expire, our sincerest apologies.
Please feel free to resubmit at this time.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and we thank you for your continued patience, and for your time.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program...


Are you interested in becoming a Volunteer?

Realm of Fantasy Application Form

Gallery Moderators

One of our most important duties in the Group first and foremost is to process Public submissions daily.  
We are looking for extremely active individuals with a passion for art and the community. This is a large, high traffic active group with over 100 incoming submissions daily, and as such we need moderators able to match that energy and that show initiative.
Also we suggest artwork to the group that is of exceptional/noteworthy work and is Fantasy/Sci-fi related.
You do not need to have any prior experience in the Group systems. We will will be more than happy to show you all you need to know.

Being a Gallery Moderator is not just about processing submissions, but also moderating our galleries, and communicating with our Members and Watchers.
The Gallery Moderators are the very core of our Group Submission process, and as such must be very active and diligent.
Hence our Knights of the Realm.

Creative Team

We are Putting together a creative Team here on RoF.
People that can develop an idea from concept to execution.
You must be willing and able to work with others in creating and developing various Group Projects, Articles, Features and Events.
People that can report info about new Fantasy and/or Sc-fi Novels, films, videogames and related events as the news is breaking.
Individuals willing to post relevant blogs and polls about them, and engage members in conversation and group discussions.
We will also be expanding into Social Networking, and will be working on other sites as well as deviantART.
We are looking for people that eat, sleep and breath Fantasy and/or Sci-fi.
I am talking true diehards here, you know who you are.
RoF Creative Team! What will You Create?

In Closing...

The Realm-of-Fantasy Group has grown exponentially since our humble beginnings, and as such we must develop a larger Volunteer team to keep up with it. We are now looking for very active, motivated individuals with interest in volunteering.
Becoming a Group Volunteer is a very rewarding experience; as you become more involved in the community and have the opportunity to meet new artists and their work. You also get to help promote your fellow artists, helping them gain more exposure.
Being a Moderator also takes time, dedication and patience. People skills are a must.

The goal for this group is to be much more than simply an Art Gallery Group, our aim is to be a community. So we are looking for some highly motivated, social and creative individuals willing join our team as not only to Moderate the Gallery and process submissions, you are encouraged to help the Group in developing and expanding various sections and projects for the Fantasy and Sci-fi Community.

Volunteers are encouraged to develop and run new Group functions and Sections, activities and more. These people must have initiative and imagination, and be able to present ideas to the Admins as well as execute and run the sections and activities. We need people willing to promote the activities and the Group, as well as scout for prospective Members and Artwork. We are looking for extremely dedicated individuals with a passion for Fantasy and Sci-fi willing to donate time to help this Group develop, and to help and promote our fellow Artists and Members.

Due to the volume of the applications, we can not contact each and every individual.
We will contact you id you have been considered for the position.
Hope to see your application soon, and we looking forward to working with you.

- alltheoriginalnames

Are you interested in becoming a Volunteer?

Realm of Fantasy Application Form


The Realm-of-Fantasy Art Galleries are temporarily closed to submissions at the present time.
This downtime is simply to perform some routine group maintenance and restructuring.
Once group maintenance is complete group submissions will be open to the public again as soon as possible.

The estimated time for your Realm-of-Fantasy group galleries to be open for submissions should hopefully be a few days at the earliest, no longer than a weeks at the latest. Once our routine group maintenance is completed we will notify you all of any changes and once again open the galleries to submissions.

During this present time we will be reorganizing our galleries, reworking submission criteria and guidelines, redesigning our front page and restaffing our group of moderators.

Also for many of you there has been issues with submissions expiring. We may have a glitch in the system, and will be looking to resolve that issue at this time.
For all of you that have had a submission expire, our sincerest apologies.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and will notify you as soon as possible upon it's galleries reopening. Thank you for your continued patience, and for your time.


:iconelandria: Features by Elandria

Swan 3 ~ STOCK by AStoKo by AStoKo

Jedi  - Stock Pose Reference 38 by faestock Stock 5 by Estelle-PhotographieViljandi Old Cemetery 18 by MASYON
From Idea to STORY
----- Original Message -----
How do you develop an idea? How do you come up with the details behind stories? Do you get them from reading books? Do you get them from modern concepts? Or do they just come to you (if so, lucky you XD)? How do you develop the world in which it takes place? People or settings first? Do you include cults/religions/mass groups? How do you come up with these groups?
-- Thoughtful Writer
In other words, what you want to know is:
How do you build a Story from an Idea?
Let's begin by breaking this huge pile of questions down to smaller, bite-sized pieces...
How do you develop an idea?
I start with a Climactic Event.
-- My ideas may originate from anything at all; from a piece of music to a picture I saw on the 'net, but to make a Story from those ideas I start with What I Want to Happen at the very heart of my story -- a central Climactic/Crisis Event. I t

Bird 01 by misike22Ruins Stock 02 by Naerys-Stock
Painting realistic hair tutorial by MagicnaAnavi

Ironwork 3 by DarkMysty-Stock

:iconpiratelotus-stock: Features by PirateLotus-Stock

The all-purpose drawing tutorial.Because the question seems to come up with a lot of regularity (not unexpectedly I might add), and because it's just easier to make this once than to type it out each time it gets asked, here is my answer to the general question of "How do I draw better", and any one of the variations of the same.
First of all, put the cartoons, manga, and other stylized designs on the back-burner of your priorities until after you master the fundamentals of understanding line, form, shape and perspective.  If you have some down-time you want to kill with some cartoons, spend a few minutes warming up first on some real life gesture drawings. 
Don't copy cartoons/manga/comics.  They're highly stylized designs that no matter how simple their appearance, disguise the fact that they were made by people who already have mastered realistic life drawing.  One or two exceptions I can think of:  The masters.  If you dig up some of Michaelangelo's drawings, or for someone more moder

Nature 313 Solar Eclipse Stock Pack by Dreamcatcher-stock Texture: Bone Structure by IdunaHayaPhotography
Stock 072 (Winterscape) by Einheit00
Waterfall Stock 3 by Sarah-KatherineSnowy Mountains 02 by cemacStockMeeresmuseum Stock 91 (private use) by Malleni-Stock

Mortality. Stock by DieNessel

:iconcelticstrm-stock: Features by CelticStrm-Stock

Garden Stock 38 by AsiaAndEric-Stock

Old paper seamless textures by jojo-ojojSurrounded by Mountains by kitszl17Lensflares without filters by Ranarh
STOCK_Zombie_ScareActing3 by Bellastanyer-STOCKDeath 1 by Quoth-RavenGraffiti3byxxxdesmodusxxx By Xxxdesmodusxxx-d88uju by AstroLabeStock

Ford Model A by Premier1er-Stock

Fantasy Feature Vol. 30 - Choose your Favorite! 

241 deviants said Fantasy Hunter Girl by wawa3761
194 deviants said Fledgling by Du1l
187 deviants said Commission: Tanwen Draigmerch by Shilesque
158 deviants said The Light Hunter by oione
67 deviants said FLAMBERG by ghostbow

Sci-fi Feature Vol. 29 - Choose your Favorite! 

203 deviants said Exploring Europa by Alejandro-Mirabal
125 deviants said Unstoppable by telthona
86 deviants said Mech by SimonDubuc
74 deviants said Space Cowboy by DanarArt
70 deviants said Assassin. by duster132

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