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Fantasy and Sci-fi Art Gallery

Are you interested in becoming a Volunteer?

Realm of Fantasy Application Form

Creative Team

We are Putting together a creative Team here on RoF.
People that can develop an idea from concept to execution.
You must be willing and able to work with others in creating and developing various Group Projects, Articles, Features and Events.
People that can report info about new Fantasy and/or Sc-fi Novels, films, videogames and related events as the news is breaking.
Individuals willing to post relevant blogs and polls about them, and engage members in conversation and group discussions.
We will also be expanding into Social Networking, and will be working on other sites as well as deviantART.
We are looking for people that eat, sleep and breath Fantasy and/or Sci-fi.
I am talking true diehards here, you know who you are.
RoF Creative Team! What will You Create?

Gallery Moderators

All Group staff are Gallery Moderators, regardless of our expertise.
One of our most important duties in the Group first and foremost is to process submissions daily.  
We are looking for extremely active individuals with a passion for art and the community. This is a large, high traffic active group with over 100 incoming submissions daily, and as such we need moderators able to match that energy and that show initiative.
Also we suggest artwork to the group that is of exceptional/noteworthy work and is Fantasy/Sci-fi related.
You do not need to have any prior experience in the Group systems. We will will be more than happy to show you all you need to know.

Being a Gallery Moderator is not just about processing submissions, but also moderating our galleries, and communicating with our Members and Watchers.
The Gallery Moderators are the very core of our Group Submission process, and as such must be very active and diligent.
Hence our Knights of the Realm.

In Closing...

The Realm-of-Fantasy Group has grown exponentially since our humble beginnings, and as such we must develop a larger Volunteer team to keep up with it. We are now looking for very active, motivated individuals with interest in volunteering.
Becoming a Group Volunteer is a very rewarding experience; as you become more involved in the community and have the opportunity to meet new artists and their work. You also get to help promote your fellow artists, helping them gain more exposure.
Being a Moderator also takes time, dedication and patience. People skills are a must.

The goal for this group is to be much more than simply an Art Gallery Group, our aim is to be a community. So we are looking for some highly motivated, social and creative individuals willing join our team as not only to Moderate the Gallery and process submissions, you are encouraged to help the Group in developing and expanding various sections and projects for the Fantasy and Sci-fi Community.

Volunteers are encouraged to develop and run new Group functions and Sections, activities and more. These people must have initiative and imagination, and be able to present ideas to the Admins as well as execute and run the sections and activities. We need people willing to promote the activities and the Group, as well as scout for prospective Members and Artwork. We are looking for extremely dedicated individuals with a passion for Fantasy and Sci-fi willing to donate time to help this Group develop, and to help and promote our fellow Artists and Members.

Due to the volume of the applications, we can not contact each and every individual.
We will contact you id you have been considered for the position.
Hope to see your application soon, and we looking forward to working with you.

- alltheoriginalnames

Are you interested in becoming a Volunteer?

Realm of Fantasy Application Form

Realm of Fantasy

Realm-of-Fantasy  is proud to finally present our Realm of Fantasy Facebook Page
We are just starting up, and as part of our promotion of our new So You think you can Design an Logo? Contest
we have our Facebook profile image waiting for the winning image of the contest!
If we pick your Logotype and Icon design as the winner, it will be the new Profile pic on our Facebook page!

Come on over, give us a like, and help spread the word!

There will be weekly features, articles shared, contest info and much more.
We will even feature artwork from the group as our Cover Photo.
We are looking to promote artists not just all over deviantART anymore, but all over Facebook as well.
This is just one step in many to broaden our scope so that we can promote your art and help it gain exposure to as large an audience as possible.

This is just the beginning, Realm-of-Fantasy is expanding...
Follow us to see what new horizons we explore together.

To keep updated simply follow these 3 easy steps:
1. Like our page by clicking on the "Like Button".
2. Hover cursor over “Liked” button until “Get Notifications” appears.
3. Click on “Get Notifications” and it's that simple!

Also look for the Facebook icon on the RoF Group's front page:

Realm of Fantasy

Realm-of-Fantasy  is proud to present our So You think you can Design an Logo? Contest.

With all the excitement about logos in deviantART lately,
we figured what better time than now to have the community design one.
So you think you can design a Logo? You think you've got what it takes?
Ok, well here's your chance to prove it.

RoF is growing larger everyday, and we have become the Largest Fantasy and Sci-fi Art Gallery on deviantART.
We feel it is time to re-brand to properly reflect the size, depth and genre of our group.
We thought what better way to celebrate this than to ask you to be apart of this, and have the redesign as a contest theme.
Your Fantasy artwork has inspired so many people through the years, and we would be honored if it was your artwork that defined us.

Your challenge is to show us your interpretation of a Realm-of-Fantasy Logotype and Icon. Incorporate Fantasy/Medieval aspects into your entry however you see fit. The possibilities are endless, you can let your imagination run wild! Show us your vision, have some fun with it, and in the process you could possibly win 8,000 deviantART Points!

We are looking specifically for someone in the deviantART community to develop our identity and branding through a logo and icon.
We did not want to outsource this project offsite, and feel very strongly that someone in our deviantART community design our Logo.
This group started here, and it makes sense to us that only one from the deviantART community design this groups logo.
Realm-of-Fantasy is a non-profit volunteer group here on deviantART with no corporate sponsorship.
We are not a company, and will be making no monetary gain off of this design.
We are simply a grass roots group of Fantasy Enthusiasts looking to re-image our identity.
Hopefully you can help us achieve this goal, and in the process wins some points.
So you think you can Design a Logo?

Your challenge:

To design both a Logo Type and Icon for the Realm-of-Fantasy Group.
We are looking for designs that are Unique, original, and has strong visual impact.
Something that people will instantly recognize, and relate to the group.
It does not need to be overly complicated.
Lastly they both need to look good at various sizes, so scalable is preferred.
We will allow Two Entries per person.
We want only your best work, but we also understand that you may come up with another idea.
So we will allow for only two submissions. Don't waste them.
Submit your entries to: So You think you can Design an Logo? Contest
Deadline for Entrees is 11:59:59 PM U.S. Eastern Time (GMT-5) on January 31st, 2015

Logo Type:
Our Logo Type design needs to clearly read: Realm of Fantasy
Needs to be scalable. Preferably Vector, but as long as it can be scaled it will be acceptable.
No jpg's.
It will be used as our groups title and as a banner on top of blogs and such.

Size: 2000x500 or something in that area.

Icon Logo:
Our icon design needs to be a unique symbol.
It can read  "Realm of Fantasy" title or abbreviation of it, but it must be an icon symbol and not just a smaller logo type.

Needs to be on a square canvas, but also work as a rectangle if needed.
Examples below.
Size: It will be used for two internet sites.
deviantART: 100x50 Group Icon
Facebook:160x160 Profile Icon

Both can be on backgrounds. As long as we get the source files and are able to alter said backgrounds if need be.

Things we are not looking for:

Overused Fonts
Copy of another companies/groups design

Grand Prize:

8,000 deviantART Points


11:59:59 PM U.S. Eastern Time (GMT-5) on January 31st, 2015

Some inspirational themes to consider:
Earth, fire, stone, forge, molten metal, magma, medieval


   * All Contestants must join the Realm-of-Fantasy group in order to submit Contest Entrees to the Group Folder.
   * Entries must be submitted to: So You think you can Design an Logo? Contest
   * Entries must be your own work;
   * Entrants must be at least 13 years old;
   * Entries open to all Mediums;
   * Entries must be made for this contest, no previously created works.
   * Only entries with the date posted December 6th 2014 or later will be accepted;
   * Entries must state in the artist comments that it is for this contest;
   * Two contest entries sets maximum per Contestant ( 2 icons, 2 logos max);
   * Entries must adhere to deviantART T.O.S., and Realm-of-Fantasy Group Guidelines;
   * Prizes may be subject to change at any time.
   * Rules may be subject to change at any time.
   * :+fav: this Contest Blog
   * Entrees must be receive by 11:59:59 PM U.S. Eastern Time (GMT-5) on January 31st, 2015
   * We reserve the right to alter any contest guidelines and rules including the contest deadline at any time.

Legal Stuff:

Logotype and Icon design must be made new and specifically for this contest.
Both Logo Type and Icon Logo need to be able to identify the Realm of Fantasy.
Please keep original files just in case we want the design but need to slightly tweak it when coding.

Design and prize reward will be considered a commission transaction.
Realm-of-Fantasy will obtain sole copyright and legal ownership of the winning design upon completion of transaction.
We thereby reserve the right from there on to use/alter the logo and icon as we see fit.
Basically, if you win we give you points, you give us the files and the design is ours now :D

If we do not find a design in which we want to use, we will not award anyone the Grand Prize.
Basically, if we don't find one we really like, no one wins :(
We reserve the right to divide points equally if we decide to go with one persons logo type and another persons icon.
Entries violating any deviantART T.O.S., and/or Realm-of-Fantasy Group Guidelines can be removed at anytime without notice.

The Judging:
Your work will be judged on the basis of Originality, Use of Theme, Technical Skill, and Usability.

The entire RoF Staff will be helping to select the finalists.
The final winner will be selected by alltheoriginalnames

Grand Prize:

8,000 deviantART Points

Sci-fi Feature Vol. 23 - Choose your Favorite! 

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130 deviants said Old Rusty's by artofjokinen
89 deviants said Outlook by simonfetscher
61 deviants said Unleash the beast by Morxx
57 deviants said north by polosatkin

Fantasy Feature Vol. 25 - Choose your Favorite! 

144 deviants said Farewell by MLeth
131 deviants said Spirit Hunter by FerdinandLadera
118 deviants said Pixelated birds by KuldarLeement
77 deviants said Patricia by ChristopherStevens
60 deviants said Love (sacrifice) by AndreyBobir

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