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Fantasy and Sci-fi Art Gallery


Sun Sep 2, 2012, 1:24 PM by alltheoriginalnames:iconalltheoriginalnames:

:star:Attention please also read: Credit Guidelines, Folder Categories Info & Fantasy Criteria

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Welcome to the Realm of Fantasy Group.

Fantasy, by it's core definition is: the free play of creative imagination. This is a place for both Artists and Enthusiasts to come together and meet others with a similar passion and share their imagination.

This Group features Fantasy and Science Fiction related Artwork and Literature. All Skill Levels and Mediums are welcome. So if you are interested in fantasy art in any way, shape or form, come join us at the Realm of Fantasy.
Where the only limits here is your imagination.

Here is our Group Submission Guidelines.
This should help answer any questions you may have regarding our groups submission process.
This Journal will be updated and re-posted from time to time.

Submission Guidelines:

:bulletgreen: Gallery Submissions are Open everyday.

:bulletgreen: You may submit 1 Submission per week.

:bulletgreen:To Submit, click on the "Contribute Art" button found at the top of the front page in the Blue menu Groups bar, and on the top Grey/Green menu bar. You can also go straight to a specific folder and click on the "Submit to this Folder" button on the top right of each folder.

:bulletorange: All Submissions must adhere to the deviantART Terms of Service

:bulletorange: You must be a member of Realm-of-Fantasy in order to submit your work to the Group. To become a member, click on "Join Group" at the top of our Groups Front Page in the Menu Bar. You will be notified when your membership is approved.

:bulletorange: All submissions must contain a noticeable amount of Fantasy and/or Sci-fi elements.
For more information please refer to our Fantasy Criteria

:bulletorange: Please pick the correct category that best represents your artwork. Example: Fantasy, Sci-fi etc.
A complete list of all our group categories may be found at Realm of Fantasy Folder Categories

:star::bulletred: If you did not physically make it, please do not submit it
We ask that you if you are submitting artwork to the gallery, that you be the creator of the artwork itself.
We only accept artwork submitted by the artists of whom made it.
So if it is your concept/idea, but someone else physically created the artwork we won't present it in our galleries unless the artists themselves submits the work.

:star::bulletred: Do not use/alter Copyright Protected images that you have found online If you did not make it, you must get permission to use/alter it from the original artist/company. Once done you must give credit and provide a link to the piece used. If you do not have permission to use it, then it is Considered Copyright Infringement as well as being in violation of the deviantART Terms of Service. No Exceptions

:star::bulletred: Credit and Links to each resource used must be provided You must provide Credit to each creator of the resources used, along with links to every resource used, regardless of where you got the resource. Not just links to the site where you got the resource, but a link to the resources themselves. This includes but is not limited to: Stock Photos, Clip Art, Pre-made Backgrounds, Application Resources, Public Domain, etc.
For more information please refer to our Credit Guidelines

:bulletorange: Submissions must be of finished, completed work. We can not accept sub par quality photos/scans where they are blurry, binders or cluttered background are showing. We can not accept work on lined paper, or very sketchy looking unfinished drawings. We also do not accept any ripped, torn, creased or otherwise damaged images. We accept all skill levels from Beginners to Professionals. But presentation is very important to use. Tutorials must be presented in an organized, easy to follow format. Tutorials must also be informative and relevant.

:bulletred: No explicit submissions. This includes but not limited to:
excessive blood/gore, sexual explicit material, implied sexual innuendos or depictions of any other inappropriate subject matter, whether implied or obvious.
Artistic nudity is acceptable at the staff's discretion.

:bulletred: Please keep in mind that we have a wide age demographic, so use Mature Filters when applicable. This is not intended for censorship, but rather to keep the Group a Kid Safe, Family Safe and Work Safe environment.

:bulletorange: Every Submission is screened by multiple Group Moderators during processing. Group Moderators converse with one another about every decision made. We reserve the right to decline or remove submissions at any time. If declined, we will provide a reason.

:bulletorange: Estimated time for your work to be posted in our Gallery is approximately 1 to 48 hours. We receive a lot of submissions daily. We process Submissions in the order which they were received. Multiple Group Moderators screen each piece to make sure they follow Group Submission, Credit and Criteria Guidelines. We will process your entries as soon as possible. Issues not withstanding, the submission process usually does not take more than a day, though this may vary depending on Group traffic.

To ensure quick processing of your submission make sure that all information is provided where applicable; including but not limited to:Mature Filters, Resource Credits and links, etc.

This Journal will be updated and re-posted from time to time.


This Blog is not intended for any debates, disputes or standpoints regarding deviantART Terms of Service, Group Policies, Resource/Stock Artists Terms of Use or Copyright Laws. Any such comments will be hidden. This Blog is intended only to establish and present our Group Credit Guidelines. If you have any questions regarding this blog or any information within do not comment here, rather please send a note to the Group.

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