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Insanity contest at #GrimGloomTale

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 16, 2013, 11:49 AM

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This is madness!

The Madhatter, Ofelia, Renfield, Bellatrix Lestrange, Phantom of the Opera... even Tom Bombadil, and Jack the Ripper, too, I think... they all have something in common. They're not that much sane. In this contest every sense can go wild. Depict or describe madness and insanity, mania, phobia, pica or anything of this chaotic sort that comes to your mind.

First Place

El Sonambulo by Asfodelo
The 1st place winner is Asfodelo with his El Sonambulo - 37 points.

Second Place

Sleep Deprivation by erinclaireb
The second place belongs to Sleep Deprivation by erinclaireb - 23  points.

Third Place

Delirium by SandraHultsved
SandraHultsved has received 21 points for her Delirium, which brought her the third place.


LithiumA single trickling rain drop
Like gossamer silk strands
Gliding along my third eye
Whispers wind's secret caress
Breath; Relax. 
I exhale. Lungs releasing-
Pressing translucent memories;
Fragment of a fragment
As water kisses rose petal,
Drifting down stream's curtain
The curtain.
Pretty little curtain.
Where the wizard lies.
He smiles up at me
With his monocled brow-
Sipping on warm tea
And fingers quacking casually
To the rhythm of his notes
This is a safe-zone. Free-zone.
Innocent eyes sparkle,
Imploring it to be true. I breathe.

Patina by AsfodeloHasta que la Muerte... by AsfodeloLuto by Asfodelo
Foolish Little Troll by erinclairebOn the Tide by erinclairebFleeing by erinclaireb
Paranoia by SandraHultsvedWhisper by SandraHultsvedLove Escape by SandraHultsved
CoupletMirror, Mirror sparkle well
Clinking shatter - dog age dwell
The first was marked with ruby swine
Pricking tips on spindle's twine
The next, I grant, you'll waken still
zombie corpse -  the poor bride's shrill
Three, a year, so quickly spent
Bobbing Styx to hear screams lent
Then borrowing time, the timex four
Father weeps on rainman's door
When Yeller's rabies snuffed him out
Red fern wails just  - fed Jack's sprout
And with five golden rings around the posie
Poor Humptey lost his ode to Rosy
Even Humptey lost to six, and seven
Aching glass to Snow White's heaven
Copper Watch
When one rough push distorts my
Diamond Imbedded shovel
I weep with the shattering lining
The silver glinting; as my best friend
Spills upon the pavement
Clouds linger- a hazy fog
Trickling fallen tears along
My fallen shards.
If only; winding the wristwatch,
A moment before, a breath
Of ease.  When the crimson rose
Shown brighter than rubies; when
Forest pines were my perfume;
When earth's coal was just a rock.
I cling to my ruined friend;
And with a quick nod, fathom-
The debris can be mended
With each tick of a copper watch.
FamilyWhat really matters
Blood beating, pumping furiously
To see your smiling face
And glinting with familial bliss
Blood beating, pumping furiously
Anxiety riding the crop of humility
And glinting with familial bliss
How you make me feel like shit
Anxiety riding the crop of humility
I sit, hands folded, to your criticism
How you make me feel like shit
Mocking those few glimpses of pride
I sit, hands folded, to your criticism
I will not give my consent
Mocking those few glimpses of pride
Remember who you are
I will not give my consent
Inferiority is not my namesake
Remember who you are
Those friends that cherish my pride
Inferiority is not my namesake
I will leap back home
Those friends that cherish my pride
To warm, loving arms
I will leap back home
To see your smile
To warm, loving arms
And what really matters

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Texture by Princess-of-Shadows

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