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Fantasy and Sci-fi Art Gallery
Fantasy, Sci-fi and General Literature Groups


Welcome to FantasyLiterature
FantasyLiterature is a group devoted to the fantasy genre. We not only showcase fantasy literature, we also strive to help writers improve and create new and exciting stories.


Welcome to Authors-of-Fantasy!
Here we are dedicated to helping authors of fantasy and science fiction based stories get constructive feedback and share links and articles on the writing process.

Our set up is a little different than most groups as each gallery is dedicated to a specific storyline written by one of our members.


Welcome to We-Write-Fantasy
Do you have a fantasy story that nobody's reading because they can't take the time too? Wanting to break free, but nobody's listening? Well here's a group ready to give feedback.


Welcome to FantasyAuthorsGuild
Hi there! :wave: Do you love fantasy? Do you love sci fi? Do you love literature? Then this is the place for you! We are a group where all you fantasy and sci fi authors out there can post your work.


Welcome to Sci-Fi-Writers
This group is used only for submitting and reading science fiction stories. They can be short stories, novels, etc. Please the read rules, they are very important but short and sweet.


Welcome to The-Dragon-Writers
We're a fantasy/ Dark lit group. Despite our name, we accept all kinds of fantasy lit, so if' you're a fantasy writer then this is the group for you.


Welcome to theWrittenRevolution
We are a literature group designed to give all dedicated and inspired writers the chance to develop and promote their work in order to get feedback, whether it be prose, poetry, song lyrics or any other form of writing. We ask you to pick up your pen and rip apart your paper with creativity and inspiration because this is uprising of language, and we want you!


Welcome to Unseen-Writers
Are you an unnoticed poet or story writer? Join us! This group is for writers who want to show their works off to fellow writers.


Welcome to Writers--club
We are a group focused on literature and dedicated to the growth and development of our authors. If you love reading and writing, then this is the club for you! We are here to support and challenge you to think outside the box and to experiment and grow!


Welcome to AuthorsEscape
You've found a great place to work on your writing. We hold many contests and we accept everyone who'd like to join. Don't hesitate to join, and we always look forward to reading what you write!


Do you know of some great Literature Groups and would like to share them with us?
Simply mention them in a comment below and we'll see about adding them to our next Literature Group Feature.

We are beginning our Literature Project here on Realm-of-Fantasy
This is part of Realm-of-Fantasy's ongoing effort to help promote all mediums here on deviantART.
Literature is just one of many mediums that we feel are underexposed here. We will be focusing on various mediums in future Group endeavors such as Traditional and Artisan Crafts just to name a few. Others will follow.

Please If you love Literature, please show your support and help us promote it throughout deviantART by faving this News Article:…

Come for the Art, stay for the Community

Fantasy Feature Vol. 35 - Choose your Favorite! 

160 deviants said Kiss of Death by KilartDev
108 deviants said Archer by GUWEIZ
104 deviants said Dragon Oath by Bri-in-the-Sky
83 deviants said Merging with Shadow Realm | Shadow Warrior 2 by M-Wojtala
70 deviants said Demon's Gate by Dallas-Williams

Fantasy Feature Vol. 34 - Choose your Favorite! 

186 deviants said Necromancer by Bogdan-MRK
115 deviants said Traffic by Kromnz
76 deviants said The Forgotten Kingdom by przemek-duda
59 deviants said Obsidian Hellfire by noctem-tenebris
55 deviants said Elf by VictorGarciapq

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