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January 15, 2012


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Give a Feature, Get a Feature!
:bulletorange:Please :+fav: this Group Blog to help these artists get more exposure! :bulletorange:

The first 25 suggestions will be Featured in next weeks Group Blog!


Realm-of-Fantasy is running a weekly "Give a Feature, Get a Feature" in our group. Do you have a favorite Fantasy/SciFi piece on deviantART? Or maybe you know of a Fantasy/SciFi piece that just isn't getting enough exposure? Would you like to get a little exposure yourself? Well, here is the time and place to speak up.

You pick it, we promote it. Not only in a group blog, but in a deviantART News as well. And as a bonus, you can pick a piece of yours that you would like to get featured as well!

"Give a Feature, Get a Feature" will be posted each Week, and the first 25 suggestions will be featured – so better be quick! ;)

:bulletpurple:The Rules

-Only one suggestion per person, per week.
-Only the first 25 suggestions done properly will be featured.
-The deviation Featured must be clearly Fantasy or Sci-fi related.
-The deviation Featured must be appropriate to all viewing audiences.
-The person you feature does not have to be a Realm-of-Fantasy group member.
-The feature you suggest must be presented in a comment on this blog to be featured.
-The suggestion must be in particular format to be accepted. The format is explained below.

You must place your feature in the comments in this exact format for it to be accepted in the feature:

:their-thumbcode-first: by :icon-their-name: Featured by :icon-your-name: :your-thumbcode-last:


Wonderland by rackelstar by :iconrackelstar: Featured by :iconalltheoriginalnames: Patrol on Titan Outpost by alltheoriginalnames

Post the thumb code of the other artist’s Fantasy/SciFi piece you would like to see featured, along with the artist’s icon. Then post your icon followed by one of your pieces you would like to see featured.

If the format is not followed or the suggestion is not clearly Fantasy or Sci-fi, it will not be featured. Only the first 25 featured done correctly will be featured. Even if there is already 25 people that have commented, not all may have done so correctly, so you may still have a chance to get yours in by default. So make sure you read, understand and follow the rules.

Now accidents can happen, and typos do come out to play. So if you notice something wrong with your comment, simply reply to your own comment with the proper full format.

:bulletorange: Finding the Thumb code:

Go to the artwork you want to feature. Just under the artwork to the right of the comments is an information section with details and statistics. Go to the "Share" section and copy the code under the word "Thumb", and paste it in the comment section bellow.

The Thumb will not show up in the comments, just the code. But that is fine, we will copy the code and paste it when we put our feature together. But please don’t forget to include the link and artist name as well!

:bulletorange: How to use deviantART Icons:

To use an icon on deviantART:
you must type a colon, type icon, type members name, and then type another colon.
It would look like this only without the spaces:
: icon alltheoriginalnames :
Take out all the spaces and it becomes this :iconalltheoriginalnames:


Please add our Group Blog to your :+fav:s as well, as this will help promote the artists and help them gain more exposure!

Simply click on the ":star:Add to Favourites" button on the top right of this Blog.

:bulletred: Support the artists:

Be sure to visit all of these wonderful artists galleries and share your thoughts.

Now lean back and enjoy this week’s features, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Give a Feature, Get a Feature

Orodruin by VikingWidunder by :iconvikingwidunder: featured by :icondeinktvis: lay of the raventhe maesters keep the raven's croft
to bear all goings-on aloft,
but seldom is the rook that sings
of flowers bright or breezes soft.
ere the Starks lost Winterfell,
ere Lysa plummed the Eyre's well;
all soon knew, the rooks did bring
what the maesters chose to tell.
the poet dreams, the player sings;
long summers longer winters bring;
no matter what the prophets boast,
black wings mean blacker tidings.
ere Stannis lost to Renley's ghost,
ere Frey gave the Red Wedding's toast;
each truth and treachery that stings
did fly to hill, river, and coast.
ere Catlyn chose a traitor's name,
ere Blackwater was all aflame;
all priests, lords, commonfolk and kings
full soon did learn each woe and shame.
the clouds are grim, the north wind stings;
it matters not who sits as king;
the ravens bear the truth aloft:
black wings mean blacker tidings.

Twilight dancer by Segol-Hane by :iconsegol-hane: featured by :iconinku-inku: The Bog Walker by Inku-inku

The Fallout by jeffsimpsonkh by :iconjeffsimpsonkh: featured by :icontimliljefors: The grave watcher by TimLiljefors

by :iconstaineddragon: featured by :iconsyrrhaal: :thumb263360627:

Madame Hooch by SenselessJabberwocky by :iconsenselessjabberwocky: featured by :iconhatoola13: American McGee's Alice by hatoola13

sbae' bou lbtayn by Bad-Blood by :iconbad-blood: featured by :iconwhiteleyth: Escape by WhiteLeyth

The Giant by andrewmar by :iconandrewmar: featured by :icongasparnolasco: :thumb275038191:

:thumb264714724: by :iconcornelia26: featured by :iconleewano: break the surface by Leewano

Eddard Stark by TeiIku by :iconteiiku: Featured by :iconfrancescabaerald: The Beastmaster by FrancescaBaerald

Huffy puffy dragon by vandervals by :iconvandervals: featured by :iconlunaticofdamnedfools: :thumb272971393:

where you gonna go by MisterISK by :iconmisterisk: featured by :iconhayleysky: Christmas 2011 by HayleySky

a cool place i wanna go to....i think.. by janjinator by :iconjanjinator: Featured by :iconcxmb: :thumb275300128:

Duuuh... by xStOoiEx by :iconxstooiex: Featured by :iconnumoryn: Breath by Numoryn

:thumb275062113: by :iconhlifconxepts: Featured by :iconhectorhimeros: :Dubbiel - Guardian of Persia by HectorHimeros

El reloj de las hadas by La--Boheme por :iconla--boheme: destacado por:iconmarazul45:El estanque magico by Marazul45

Beauty and The Beast by postapocalypsia by :iconpostapocalypsia: Featured by :iconlilliandil: Lord of the Rings ABCs by Lilliandil

Fairy II: Garden of Fairies by XiaoBaiArt by :iconxiaobaiart: featured by :iconsisaat: Snow Faerie by sisaat

Lady of the Lake by AbigailLarson by ::iconabigaillarson:: featured by ::iconjesterbells:: Mab by jesterbells

Clockwork mr. Fish by alphabethater by :iconalphabethater: featured by :icondalifan-teresa: Stained Glass Entity by dalifan-teresa

Emperor Capt. Jack Sparrow by Telperion-Photo by :icontelperion-photo: featured by :iconlaurelin-cosplay: Light VS Shadow by Laurelin-CosPlay

Epocholis by JonasDeRo by :iconjonasdero: featured by :iconmetamolecola: :thumb274746816:

by :iconredmorpho: fetured by :iconfanoftill: Wounded by FanOfTill

:thumb274775687: by :iconleonadelioncourt: featured by :iconkdragan: They will never know what hit them by KDragan

:thumb272783546: by :iconalwisw: Featured by :iconsootness: Scales and Skin by Sootness

Winterheart by EmberRoseArt by :iconemberroseart: featured by :iconfrostbo: :thumb216838201:

Kerrigan: Queen of Blades by Arsenal21 by :iconarsenal21: Featured by :iconlady-i-hellsing: Flower Doll by Lady-I-Hellsing


Come for the Art, Stay for the Community
Happy Holidays!

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